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Diener Implants is manufacturing exclusively with stainless steel of special „medical“ grade, to ensure the highest possible quality of the products. All production stages – from cutting and mechanical process to surface treatment, from electrochemical polishing right through to customized surface finishing – are performed by highly trained and experienced professionals. We label instruments according to your specifications. After the final inspection, all instruments pass through a validated multileveled purification process to ensure optimal safety. The complete manufacturing process of our devices is 100% „made in Germany“. The production of implants is separated from the assembly of instruments to ensure that all implants are perfectly clean. In 2017 Diener Implants has introduced 3D-printing in the production process and at the moment we are running extensive tests to prove and validate this latest technology.


Diener Implants is primarily specialized in the production of complex surgical implants and instruments. A cooperation with us results in high-end products which are produced efficiently and in the shortest time possible. Our experience, more than 25 years in spine surgery and over 100 years in the manufacturing of surgical instruments, has built a solid base for long-term relationships with the world’s leading medical device companies. Diener Implants has established a reputation for being a highly responsive and technologically advanced manufacturer of medical devices.

Quality Management

At Diener Implants each production step meets strict standards for the highest possible quality. Continuous quality control and process improvements are a basic part of our production process and reflects our philosophy. Specific inspection sheets are used to control each production step. Systems to maintain traceability of implants and surgical instruments as well as advanced training programs for our employees to enhance their skills are standard at our company. The quality control equipment is recorded and monitored on our calibration system. Diener Implants is certified by DQS in accordance to ISO 13485 and is FDA registered.

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