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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing has changed all industries during the last few years. Diener Implants is a pioneer in medical contract additive manufacturing using metal 3D printing combining medical device experience with additive manufacturing design and manufacturing know-how. 4 dedicated SLM machines allow for scaleable series production of 3D printed implants - including hipping, etching, laser marking, cleaning, packaging and sterilization.


Diener Implants specializes in the production of complex surgical implants and instruments. Partnering with us results in high-end products, which are produced efficiently and in the shortest time possible. Our extensive experience, more than 25 years in spine surgery and over 100 years in manufacturing, has built a solid base for long-term relationships with global players in spine and orthopedics. Diener Implants has an established reputation for being a highly-responsive and technologically-advanced manufacturer of medical devices.

Quality Management

At Diener Implants each production step meets strict standards for the highest possible quality. Continuous quality control and process improvements are a basic part of our production process and reflects our philosophy. Specific, highly-detailed inspection sheets are used to control each production step. Systems to maintain traceability of surgical implants and instruments, as well as, advanced training programs for our employees to enhance their skills, are standard at our company. The quality control equipment is recorded and monitored on our calibration system. Diener Implants is certified by DQS in accordance to ISO 13485 and is FDA registered supplier as contract manufacturer for a PMA class III device.

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